August 5, 2016

What Is EDC (Every Day Carry)?

In this 21st century of stressful schedules and hurried interactions, it is essential that a person is prepared for as many potential scenarios as possible. Of course, it is impossible to be prepared for everything because, well, accidents do happen and reality is out of our control; but by being prepared for negative happenings could give us some control. Where am I going with this? We’re talking about every day carry or EDC. By engaging in EDC, it is possible to enter the world knowing that you can take on whatever life has for you – or at least according to what you have in your pockets. This article will provide all the information you could need about EDC and how it can benefit you.

What Exactly Is EDC?

Firstly, let us clarify and define the term “every day carry” or EDC. Every day carry at the most basic level is a collective term for the items you carry about on a daily basis. This may be in your pockets or your purse but are the items that you never leave home without. Nowadays, the most common EDC items are mobile phones, wallets, and keys; mostly the things we would feel naked and unbalanced without. As such, each item as part of your EDC should have a particular purpose and function contributing to your effective well-being.

What Are The Most Common EDC Items?

The Mobile Phone

Mobile PhoneUndeniably, the most common EDC item is the mobile phone and more specifically any type of smartphone. While the basic mobile phone will provide the function of maintaining communication with other people, the smartphone is beneficial in providing a plethora of functions ranging from communication to travel information. In addition, these phones negate the need for cameras, watches, writing material, and even wallets for people who opt for electronic payment methods.

The Key Chain

Keys are essential to secure or homes and help us enter other places, as well as entering the car to travel to our chosen destination. The keychain is arguably the most important EDC item because it connects all the different keys on one link making them easy to reach and navigate. Of course, there are those who choose to ignore the key chain and place the individual keys as separate EDC items. This is completely acceptable; however, these individuals do run the risk of losing individual keys more quickly than losing a chain of collective keys.

The Wallet

As is mentioned above, there are those who choose to use electronic payment methods via the form of smartphone apps; however, wallets are still important as part of the EDC. The wallet is a traditional form of carrying money, cards, and additional documentation in a neat container. In addition to being a carrying item, it can also serve the function of protecting important cards and documentation from external damage.

The Pocket Knife

Surprisingly, the pocket knife has grown in popularity as an EDC item. Despite the knife being seen as a negative item to carry, particularly among females, it can be highly beneficial and useful. It can be seen that this knife provides several functions in addition to its primary role of cutting; in fact, the cutting function is useful dependent on the situation. For example, an individual can assist people in emergencies with a pocket knife if needed. As advanced as any smartphone may be, there is definitely no app that can be as beneficial when cutting people out of broken seatbelts in a damaged car.

Go to The Blade Guru and read on their EDC guide for more information.

Pen And Paper

Pen And PaperWhile it is possible to take notes using a smartphone, carrying writing material can be highly beneficial should you need to jot down a note or two. Furthermore, a pen is always useful when attending meetings where you may be required to complete documentation.

The Watch

Needless to say, carrying a watch can be useful. Smartphones are used nowadays as substitute watches; however, smartphones have a tendency to turn off for whatever reason leaving you without any idea of the time. When running on a busy schedule, it is essential that you keep on track and using a watch would be the most efficient way of telling the time.


Every day carry is an important concept to consider when preparing for a busy schedule. By using the information above, you can make an informed decision as to which items are most suitable for your needs.

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Fireballs- the Next Best thing for Sailing Enthusiasts

You are probably asking yourself what this fireball is and what does the term stand for. Fireball is fast durable dinghy that performs excellently at high-speed sailing. It has room for maximum two persons, and it provides with unforgettable and exciting sailing experience with intense competitions occurring all around the globe. It also provides a great social life even off the water to all who are into Fireball races and competitions. All are welcome to try as it is incredibly easy to build, the price of the materials is fair, due to its light weight, and best of all it is learning the process of sailing.

How Fireball differs from other dinghies found at sea?

fireball-11It’s durable, but light material provides excellent performance as it will sail in most wind strengths. It is possible to sail on sea and lake, and the weight of the crew doesn’t affect its performance. It isn’t just for a primarily male crew; a female crew can be added to the dinghy. There is no restriction on the age where people from 15 to 75 cruise the seas in Fireballs. The total cost for building or purchasing fully equipped one goes around 1000 dollars. The boat demands little or no maintenance as it can stay functional for many years, alternatively little investments are required for it to stay in top shape if we are talking about ones that race every 3-4 months. They are incredibly fun to sail, and expand social activities.

The race program itself is amazing.

It includes world, national, regional and club championships so you will never get bored as the number of your competition rises every day. Try your skills in boat-to-boat competition or crew-to-crew. Providing great social life at bonding and gathering parties, Fireballs are being sold in numbers over 15000 worldwide. If the regular sailing isn’t just exciting enough for you, then you should try Fireball sailing.

Fireballs are good for both inland water and seas.

PIC_0498_1The performance of these types of dinghies made even the expert helmsman astonished leaving them speechless. As a parallel it is still stable enough for novices and patient, giving time for them to master techniques of sailing to compete with others.

You can find many Fireballs that are built to look like an amateur constructed it; this proves the simplicity of the assembly. These Fireballs are meant to perform best at an angle of about three degrees.

Absolutely everyone can master sailing a fireball as age or gender doesn’t affect or determine the ability to sail.

Winning any of the above mentioned Fireball competitions doesn’t require the finest built boat or the most expensive material, but rather the ability to master the art of sailing and tuning the boat better than your opponent. The best experience comes when sailing at high speed provided by strong wind; that’s when the fun begins. So go ahead and read more about Fireball and buy one for yourself to experience the life changing moments at sea.

 Fireball Sailing

Fireball_on_beachThe dinghy with the highest performance is referred to as Fireball, and almost everybody can sail it as it is incredibly easy to learn. It doesn’t require a lot of investment, and it can glide at lakes or seas with most wind types except the extremely strong winds. The adjustable rig totally scratches out the possibility and the requirement for weight equalization systems or the need for complicated racks. The total crew is limited to 2 persons per dinghy, and the greatest thing is that the weight doesn’t affect the performance of the Fireball. In most cases the crew is male, but there are mixed gender crews with the increasing popularity of Fireball bringing newly wedded and couples to the competitions.

Why is Fireball sailing so awesome?

20090703_1This kind of sailing is known for the excitement that brings in many competition types, where planning is required, and tactics are meant to be the important part of the boat on boat or crew to crew races. The entry levels for most of the competition types require only 130 kilos per crew, so they are great for adventure seeking couples that want to find out what is Fireball sailing all about.

There is splendid U.K. meeting circuit, local, regional, world championships so you will never be short of competition or opponents. The best thing is that the events will enrich your social life, where Fireball fanatics gather and exchange ideas, discuss and share personal information all of this is wrapped up with positive vibrations and great parties.

They are good for both inland and open sea sailings.

image006Due to its light constructing material, and durable frame, they are good for lakes as well as open seas. The wind speed and strength can vary, of course, but the fun part doesn’t change. Primarily people that sail on lakes are still mastering the art of sailing and tuning their dinghies to compete later with other more experienced crews on the open sea.

What is Elegance and what activities this event considers?

Every 12 months or so there are organized championships that last for a week each. They usually begin in August. Ten races are completed from Sunday to Friday, with Wednesday as a lay day meant for gatherings and parties. National championships are included, as well as inland, open conferences, and global championships. This is the second most famous occasion that is held after the countrywide championship that is also held yearly at one of the bigger inland venues such as Draycote water and Grafham water.

So if you are interested in expanding your sailing experience, or just want to try out new things whether with your mate or girlfriend, a wife that you should try out Fireball sailing. There is no restriction on age also, so it is not rare to find older couples and people with more than 70 years. As for the minimum age required to enter any competition or race the limit is set on 15 years old.

The Fireball experience

Reverse_5391People don’t know about water sports. That is a fact. Whenever I ask people about water sports, they will try to number numerous Olympic sports such as swimming, jumps, and water polo. But there are more than that. Okay, I am glad that they even know about these. Do you want to know one fun fact about water jumps? Famous action actor Jason Statham was in British national team in this sport. It is probably the tenth question in who wants to be a millionaire so if you want to participate in that quiz, this can help you. But if you want to know more about water sports, there you came to right place. I am here to present you The Fireball, water sport that has many tournaments.

DSCF0789The Fireball is a little boat with spinnaker and trapeze, customized to any wind, a way of sailing and fleet’s phase of awareness. It is extremely regarded for it superior prove jointly, ship to ship or training situation sailing, with no obligation for equalization scheme. It’s flexible, calm and easy to train. The Fireball sailing is much-protected technique of sailing no matter if you go to rivers, open sea or lake. With controlling the hand of the ship, you control the speed of your Fireball. You can start slow and then basically, by controlling the sailing restrictions you can increase your speed. Therefore, it very easy to go from slows to fast. The convoy or the fleet can often take in the families with kids or just people that are interested in sailing. The Fireball is well-known for casual styles and situations. This method gets you the chance to do your technique, boost some original skills and boost your sailing understanding or to just take enjoyment in the voyage down some charming waters with your family.

yandy82392The Fireball was a child of Peter Milne. He initially designed this sailing dinghy back in the sixties of last century. If you are not aware of what dinghy is that is referred in general to small boat sailing and contain some specific controls. The Fireball isn’t a single sport. It includes two crew members who are sailing with trapeze chinned hull and spinnaker. You also must be aware of the weight of hulls. They cannot be larger than seventy-nine kilograms. This competitive sport is popular around the globe. The Fireball and a dinghy have competition in many countries, and there are also organized international completions. The most popular competitions, like in other sports, are World Championship and European Championship. World Championships have held annually with the exceptions of years 2011 and 2007. The age of competitors have no limits unless we have to underline that children cannot compete, although sport isn’t dangerously at all. Also, unlike the European Championships which are held in all regular European countries, World Championships are held on attractive places like Barbados. The countries of the winners are usually from the United Kingdom and Australia because they invest the Fireball the most. Last winners which were not from these countries were people from Switzerland, France, and South Africa.


Fireball fleet – an interesting sailing

624Some of my friends say that I am too complicated person. You won’t be surprised about that fact when you see what I will begin this text and with what I will finish it. I will start with old TV show and I will finish it with sport competition. You wonder how, probably? Well you see, my favorite TV show is Man behaving badly. In this UK series there is a famous entertaining scene that people who didn’t watch the show know. Tony and Gary, the main character, one night stay in the bar and sing popular song we are sailing and they are sitting on the floor and they act to sail. It’s a fun scene and that scene probably affected me and my future hobby. As a real adventurist and adrenaline junkie I began to sail several years ago. People always seem shocked when they hear that because of my work as a economist. One day I am in the bank looking at some numbers and other day I go and do fireball sailing.

100_0433sThe Fireball is a little cruiser with one spinnaker and trapeze, modified to any wind speed power, method of sailing and fleet’s stage of knowledge. It is highly regarded for it lofty show in together, ship to ship or preparation circumstances sailing, with no requirement for equalization system. It’s supple, comfortable and simple to exercise. The Fireball sailing is pretty secure method of sailing no matter if you go to rivers, open sea, lake or club waters. You can put your hand over the wheel and sail it in slow movement or you can experiment its restrictions sailing it at a positive viewpoint and sailing it quick. The fleet can regularly take in the people with kids or people interested in sailing as well as people like me, adrenaline junkies. The Fireball is familiar to random styles and situations. This method gets you the opportunity to perform your method, increase some innovative skills and increase your sailing understanding or to just take pleasure in the journey down some charming waters with your closest ones. As an amateur, I enjoy to compete in Fireball sailing. I am underlining amateur, because there are professional competition as well. You have football and basketball World and European Championships, but you have as well Fireball Sailing World and European Championships.

Heron-Start-Race-4-1024x757-3The largest and most exhilarating tournaments are certainly those ones. If you are interested in participating, you don’t have to be the world know Fireball sailor. All you need to do, to become a member of any international tournament is to be a normal participant of the nationwide sailing organization (National Sailing Association). World championship has a noteworthy practice and it includes members with many levels of knowledge. Races can be rough and interesting, but you get the good-looking possibility to take pleasure in sailing, get awarded for your achievement, see some astonishing destinations and most importantly – to be an element of unforgettable environment on the coast.

Fireball sailing

Remember the memorable “Only fools and horses” scene with guys singing “We are sailing” and having a hell of a fun? Fireball tournaments are sort of like that, just far healthier than the atmosphere in the bar.fireball

If you’re faced with the Fireball or sailing for the first time, it shouldn’t stop you from reading further. That is probably one of the greatest things about the Fireball – it’s a dinghy that pretty much anyone can sail, whether you are sailing veteran or full-time clumsy beginner.

The Fireball is a small boat with one trapeze and spinnaker, adapted to any wind strength, style of sailing and fleet’s level of experience. It is reputable for it high performance in both, boat to boat or planning conditions sailing, without the need for equalization systems. It’s flexible, cozy and easy to maneuver. vlsc-regattajpg-e46b539449f4fee3The Fireball can be sailed on lakes, rivers, club waters or open sea with no reason to worry for your safety. You can place your hand over the helm and sail it in slow motion or you can test its limits sailing it at a certain angle and sailing it fast. The fleet can equally include the family with children or sailing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, crew consisted of men or women. The Fireball is adjusted to various styles and conditions. This way you get the chance to practice your technique, gain some new skills and expand your sailing knowledge or to simply enjoy the trip down some picturesque waters with your family.

Fleet Run 10 knotsInternational Fireball tournaments and other competitions make the Fireball even more attractive. Almost 20 thousand Fireballs have been sold in various countries and sailed at the clubs worldwide. Thousands of Fireball owners take part in numerous tournaments every year.

There are around two hundred sailing clubs in the United Kingdom involved in their National Championship every year. The tournament lasts for a week, usually sometime in August, with two races per day. Inland championships kept annually are next favorite tournament after the National Championship. Boat to boat or fleet to fleet compare their forces and share all the fun. For all those dedicated to competitions, Open meetings are a great challenge. The event usually lasts for two weekend days and it includes boat races both at inland and open sea tours. Races last for about one hour and consist of various courses.


If you want to test your endurance, winter regattas will be a particular challenge. Plenty regattas are taking place during summer, but those one during cold days are extraordinary.

HannahMills_2298908bThe biggest and most exciting tournaments are certainly European and World Fireball championship. All it takes for you to take part in any international tournament is to be a regular member of the national sailing association, a little courage and good mood. World championship has a significant tradition and it includes participants with all levels of experience. Races can be tough and intriguing, but you get the beautiful chance to enjoy sailing, get awarded for your success, experience some amazing destinations and finally – to be a part of memorable atmosphere on the shore.

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