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August 5, 2016

What Is EDC (Every Day Carry)?

In this 21st century of stressful schedules and hurried interactions, it is essential that a person is prepared for as many potential scenarios as possible. Of course, it is impossible to be prepared for everything because, well, accidents do happen and reality is out of our control; but by being prepared for negative happenings could give us some control. Where am I going with this? We’re talking about every day carry or EDC. By engaging in EDC, it is possible to enter the world knowing that you can take on whatever life has for you – or at least according to what you have in your pockets. This article will provide all the information you could need about EDC and how it can benefit you.

What Exactly Is EDC?

Firstly, let us clarify and define the term “every day carry” or EDC. Every day carry at the most basic level is a collective term for the items you carry about on a daily basis. This may be in your pockets or your purse but are the items that you never leave home without. Nowadays, the most common EDC items are mobile phones, wallets, and keys; mostly the things we would feel naked and unbalanced without. As such, each item as part of your EDC should have a particular purpose and function contributing to your effective well-being.

What Are The Most Common EDC Items?

The Mobile Phone

Mobile PhoneUndeniably, the most common EDC item is the mobile phone and more specifically any type of smartphone. While the basic mobile phone will provide the function of maintaining communication with other people, the smartphone is beneficial in providing a plethora of functions ranging from communication to travel information. In addition, these phones negate the need for cameras, watches, writing material, and even wallets for people who opt for electronic payment methods.

The Key Chain

Keys are essential to secure or homes and help us enter other places, as well as entering the car to travel to our chosen destination. The keychain is arguably the most important EDC item because it connects all the different keys on one link making them easy to reach and navigate. Of course, there are those who choose to ignore the key chain and place the individual keys as separate EDC items. This is completely acceptable; however, these individuals do run the risk of losing individual keys more quickly than losing a chain of collective keys.

The Wallet

As is mentioned above, there are those who choose to use electronic payment methods via the form of smartphone apps; however, wallets are still important as part of the EDC. The wallet is a traditional form of carrying money, cards, and additional documentation in a neat container. In addition to being a carrying item, it can also serve the function of protecting important cards and documentation from external damage.

The Pocket Knife

Surprisingly, the pocket knife has grown in popularity as an EDC item. Despite the knife being seen as a negative item to carry, particularly among females, it can be highly beneficial and useful. It can be seen that this knife provides several functions in addition to its primary role of cutting; in fact, the cutting function is useful dependent on the situation. For example, an individual can assist people in emergencies with a pocket knife if needed. As advanced as any smartphone may be, there is definitely no app that can be as beneficial when cutting people out of broken seatbelts in a damaged car.

Go to The Blade Guru and read on their EDC guide for more information.

Pen And Paper

Pen And PaperWhile it is possible to take notes using a smartphone, carrying writing material can be highly beneficial should you need to jot down a note or two. Furthermore, a pen is always useful when attending meetings where you may be required to complete documentation.

The Watch

Needless to say, carrying a watch can be useful. Smartphones are used nowadays as substitute watches; however, smartphones have a tendency to turn off for whatever reason leaving you without any idea of the time. When running on a busy schedule, it is essential that you keep on track and using a watch would be the most efficient way of telling the time.


Every day carry is an important concept to consider when preparing for a busy schedule. By using the information above, you can make an informed decision as to which items are most suitable for your needs.

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