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Fireball sailing

Remember the memorable “Only fools and horses” scene with guys singing “We are sailing” and having a hell of a fun? Fireball tournaments are sort of like that, just far healthier than the atmosphere in the bar.fireball

If you’re faced with the Fireball or sailing for the first time, it shouldn’t stop you from reading further. That is probably one of the greatest things about the Fireball – it’s a dinghy that pretty much anyone can sail, whether you are sailing veteran or full-time clumsy beginner.

The Fireball is a small boat with one trapeze and spinnaker, adapted to any wind strength, style of sailing and fleet’s level of experience. It is reputable for it high performance in both, boat to boat or planning conditions sailing, without the need for equalization systems. It’s flexible, cozy and easy to maneuver. vlsc-regattajpg-e46b539449f4fee3The Fireball can be sailed on lakes, rivers, club waters or open sea with no reason to worry for your safety. You can place your hand over the helm and sail it in slow motion or you can test its limits sailing it at a certain angle and sailing it fast. The fleet can equally include the family with children or sailing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies, crew consisted of men or women. The Fireball is adjusted to various styles and conditions. This way you get the chance to practice your technique, gain some new skills and expand your sailing knowledge or to simply enjoy the trip down some picturesque waters with your family.

Fleet Run 10 knotsInternational Fireball tournaments and other competitions make the Fireball even more attractive. Almost 20 thousand Fireballs have been sold in various countries and sailed at the clubs worldwide. Thousands of Fireball owners take part in numerous tournaments every year.

There are around two hundred sailing clubs in the United Kingdom involved in their National Championship every year. The tournament lasts for a week, usually sometime in August, with two races per day. Inland championships kept annually are next favorite tournament after the National Championship. Boat to boat or fleet to fleet compare their forces and share all the fun. For all those dedicated to competitions, Open meetings are a great challenge. The event usually lasts for two weekend days and it includes boat races both at inland and open sea tours. Races last for about one hour and consist of various courses.


If you want to test your endurance, winter regattas will be a particular challenge. Plenty regattas are taking place during summer, but those one during cold days are extraordinary.

HannahMills_2298908bThe biggest and most exciting tournaments are certainly European and World Fireball championship. All it takes for you to take part in any international tournament is to be a regular member of the national sailing association, a little courage and good mood. World championship has a significant tradition and it includes participants with all levels of experience. Races can be tough and intriguing, but you get the beautiful chance to enjoy sailing, get awarded for your success, experience some amazing destinations and finally – to be a part of memorable atmosphere on the shore.

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