Fireball fleet – an interesting sailing

624Some of my friends say that I am too complicated person. You won’t be surprised about that fact when you see what I will begin this text and with what I will finish it. I will start with old TV show and I will finish it with sport competition. You wonder how, probably? Well you see, my favorite TV show is Man behaving badly. In this UK series there is a famous entertaining scene that people who didn’t watch the show know. Tony and Gary, the main character, one night stay in the bar and sing popular song we are sailing and they are sitting on the floor and they act to sail. It’s a fun scene and that scene probably affected me and my future hobby. As a real adventurist and adrenaline junkie I began to sail several years ago. People always seem shocked when they hear that because of my work as a economist. One day I am in the bank looking at some numbers and other day I go and do fireball sailing.

100_0433sThe Fireball is a little cruiser with one spinnaker and trapeze, modified to any wind speed power, method of sailing and fleet’s stage of knowledge. It is highly regarded for it lofty show in together, ship to ship or preparation circumstances sailing, with no requirement for equalization system. It’s supple, comfortable and simple to exercise. The Fireball sailing is pretty secure method of sailing no matter if you go to rivers, open sea, lake or club waters. You can put your hand over the wheel and sail it in slow movement or you can experiment its restrictions sailing it at a positive viewpoint and sailing it quick. The fleet can regularly take in the people with kids or people interested in sailing as well as people like me, adrenaline junkies. The Fireball is familiar to random styles and situations. This method gets you the opportunity to perform your method, increase some innovative skills and increase your sailing understanding or to just take pleasure in the journey down some charming waters with your closest ones. As an amateur, I enjoy to compete in Fireball sailing. I am underlining amateur, because there are professional competition as well. You have football and basketball World and European Championships, but you have as well Fireball Sailing World and European Championships.

Heron-Start-Race-4-1024x757-3The largest and most exhilarating tournaments are certainly those ones. If you are interested in participating, you don’t have to be the world know Fireball sailor. All you need to do, to become a member of any international tournament is to be a normal participant of the nationwide sailing organization (National Sailing Association). World championship has a noteworthy practice and it includes members with many levels of knowledge. Races can be rough and interesting, but you get the good-looking possibility to take pleasure in sailing, get awarded for your achievement, see some astonishing destinations and most importantly – to be an element of unforgettable environment on the coast.

    Randall Cousar

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