Fireball Sailing

Fireball_on_beachThe dinghy with the highest performance is referred to as Fireball, and almost everybody can sail it as it is incredibly easy to learn. It doesn’t require a lot of investment, and it can glide at lakes or seas with most wind types except the extremely strong winds. The adjustable rig totally scratches out the possibility and the requirement for weight equalization systems or the need for complicated racks. The total crew is limited to 2 persons per dinghy, and the greatest thing is that the weight doesn’t affect the performance of the Fireball. In most cases the crew is male, but there are mixed gender crews with the increasing popularity of Fireball bringing newly wedded and couples to the competitions.

Why is Fireball sailing so awesome?

20090703_1This kind of sailing is known for the excitement that brings in many competition types, where planning is required, and tactics are meant to be the important part of the boat on boat or crew to crew races. The entry levels for most of the competition types require only 130 kilos per crew, so they are great for adventure seeking couples that want to find out what is Fireball sailing all about.

There is splendid U.K. meeting circuit, local, regional, world championships so you will never be short of competition or opponents. The best thing is that the events will enrich your social life, where Fireball fanatics gather and exchange ideas, discuss and share personal information all of this is wrapped up with positive vibrations and great parties.

They are good for both inland and open sea sailings.

image006Due to its light constructing material, and durable frame, they are good for lakes as well as open seas. The wind speed and strength can vary, of course, but the fun part doesn’t change. Primarily people that sail on lakes are still mastering the art of sailing and tuning their dinghies to compete later with other more experienced crews on the open sea.

What is Elegance and what activities this event considers?

Every 12 months or so there are organized championships that last for a week each. They usually begin in August. Ten races are completed from Sunday to Friday, with Wednesday as a lay day meant for gatherings and parties. National championships are included, as well as inland, open conferences, and global championships. This is the second most famous occasion that is held after the countrywide championship that is also held yearly at one of the bigger inland venues such as Draycote water and Grafham water.

So if you are interested in expanding your sailing experience, or just want to try out new things whether with your mate or girlfriend, a wife that you should try out Fireball sailing. There is no restriction on age also, so it is not rare to find older couples and people with more than 70 years. As for the minimum age required to enter any competition or race the limit is set on 15 years old.

    Randall Cousar

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