Fireballs- the Next Best thing for Sailing Enthusiasts

You are probably asking yourself what this fireball is and what does the term stand for. Fireball is fast durable dinghy that performs excellently at high-speed sailing. It has room for maximum two persons, and it provides with unforgettable and exciting sailing experience with intense competitions occurring all around the globe. It also provides a great social life even off the water to all who are into Fireball races and competitions. All are welcome to try as it is incredibly easy to build, the price of the materials is fair, due to its light weight, and best of all it is learning the process of sailing.

How Fireball differs from other dinghies found at sea?

fireball-11It’s durable, but light material provides excellent performance as it will sail in most wind strengths. It is possible to sail on sea and lake, and the weight of the crew doesn’t affect its performance. It isn’t just for a primarily male crew; a female crew can be added to the dinghy. There is no restriction on the age where people from 15 to 75 cruise the seas in Fireballs. The total cost for building or purchasing fully equipped one goes around 1000 dollars. The boat demands little or no maintenance as it can stay functional for many years, alternatively little investments are required for it to stay in top shape if we are talking about ones that race every 3-4 months. They are incredibly fun to sail, and expand social activities.

The race program itself is amazing.

It includes world, national, regional and club championships so you will never get bored as the number of your competition rises every day. Try your skills in boat-to-boat competition or crew-to-crew. Providing great social life at bonding and gathering parties, Fireballs are being sold in numbers over 15000 worldwide. If the regular sailing isn’t just exciting enough for you, then you should try Fireball sailing.

Fireballs are good for both inland water and seas.

PIC_0498_1The performance of these types of dinghies made even the expert helmsman astonished leaving them speechless. As a parallel it is still stable enough for novices and patient, giving time for them to master techniques of sailing to compete with others.

You can find many Fireballs that are built to look like an amateur constructed it; this proves the simplicity of the assembly. These Fireballs are meant to perform best at an angle of about three degrees.

Absolutely everyone can master sailing a fireball as age or gender doesn’t affect or determine the ability to sail.

Winning any of the above mentioned Fireball competitions doesn’t require the finest built boat or the most expensive material, but rather the ability to master the art of sailing and tuning the boat better than your opponent. The best experience comes when sailing at high speed provided by strong wind; that’s when the fun begins. So go ahead and read more about Fireball and buy one for yourself to experience the life changing moments at sea.

    Randall Cousar

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